Monday, June 20, 2011

Infamous 2 screenshots!!!

Lets get started with Destruction Park, I had to do two versions of this area, one in fine working order and a second version destroyed by "The Beast"

everything looking good so far....

Ahhhh finally at the end of a two year long trail, was a pretty exciting ride and were all pretty
proud of what we have accomplished. I was a modeler on the environment team the whole project and I worked with various texture artists and layout artists to develop these areas.

Destruction Park

Texture work in this area by Don Joon.

Was a a little tricky figuring out how this bridge would open and close, but we did it. I did the modeling and Paul Wu did the texture work.

Boat textures by Morgan Hill.

flood town and fort

Flood town was made from the set pieces from the neighborhood from Island one, so we had to sprinkle a little bit of doom onto their sad little town.

Don Joon did the texture work on these buildings.

a little sneak peek of the fort!

This area was created with Don Poole doing layouts, I did the modeling and then Harold Lamb followed up with textures.

Fort St Phillipe

French Quarter buildings

I got to have some fun making some graffiti for the train park!

I modeled the ice. Emelio G modeled the tower.

Industrial area

neighborhood set

Textures by Harold Lamb.

props and neighborhood screens